Feature Requests Pricing ( WordPress )

Price : Rs 0

Features : Text Change, Image Change, Settings Change

Please note, its for projects started in last one year. (For WSP Clients Only)

Price : Rs 100-200

Features : Minor Colors Changes/Customizations, Existing Theme Settings, Existing Plugin Settings.

Price : Rs 500-800

Features : Fields Change, Database Change, Plugin Installation and Setup, Simple Contact Forms

Price : Rs 1000-2000

Features : New features in existing website, custom requests that includes css/ javascript/ php/ wordpress codex, Contact forms.

Price : Starting Rs 4000

Features : New theme installation and setup with import demo, Major custom changes that includes css/javascript/php/wordpress codex

If something is missing in above feature requests, please contact us to know the price.

Please note:

  1. Above features doesn’t include cost of any 3rd party asset to be purchased to fulfill your request.
  2. These feature prices are for each site.
    Example: Basic features, Rs 500-800/site
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