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At Team WSP (Web Services Point) we provide you with 2 kinds of app development packages. The 1st one is Custom package which depends on your requirements which can be of varying price. The 2nd one is WebView based package which is explained below:

We will provide you both iOS and Android apps and you can choose 1 of the 2 app designs to start with.

1st available design is “Simple Side Menu Navigation View” in which there will be side menu for more options in relation to the app. For Example,  if you need e-commerce based app, then there will be options for different categories, notifications, logout option and more.

2nd available design is “Bottom Navigation view” in which there will be a bottom bar, so that user can navigate between screens. For example, if you need an app for introductory website, then there can different screens for “Home”, “About”, “Contact” and more.

Both these designs are really smooth, helpful in user interaction and also help in approval on the App Store as these are native elements and you need some of these to get your app approved by Apple.

The most important feature in our package is the implementation of push notifications. So, you can send notifications to your users about the latest stuff or any other stuff related to your website/business.

We will also implement User Session management if your app requires it. This means that the app will handle cookies and the user session, so user will be able to login and logout whenever he/she wants.

We will also upload your apps on both the Google Play Store and App Store.

Last, but no the least, we will also provide you with Technical updates for 6 months. This means we will handle all the bugs and all the little cahanges that your app demands due to change in design, codeing or release of any latest OS by Android or Apple.

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