Quick Billing and POS System for Cafe/Restaurant/Bar/Shops


Quick Billing and POS System, is designed in a such way that you can quickly create billing of the counter customer in just two steps. By keeping the customer queue issues in mind, everything is set in place to be accessible very fast.



This web application is packed with multiple features as listed below : 

Main Order panel allows you to : 

  1. Reach multiple categories via floating quick navigation.
  2. Add items with quantity into cart without any refresh. 
  3. Scroll through all the available items categorized with prices. 

Order listing and reporting panel allows you to: 

  1. List all the customer orders created in past. 
  2. Search through orders via customer name, contact and amount. 
  3. List orders by daily basis, monthly basis or custom date selection. 

Menu items and categories panel allows you to : 

  1. Create new items based on their price and category. 
  2. Search through items via name, category or ID.
  3. Create various categories based on your menu. 

Discount panel allows you: 

  1. Create discount coupons that can be applied during checkout. 
  2. Create coupons based on amount or percentage. 

Settings panel allows you to: 

  1. Set your own logo and name as per your requirement. 
  2. Set invoice name, city of your restaurant/bar/cafe.
  3. Set tax percentage based on your billing criteria.

More features: 

  1. POS Printer support for printing receipts. 
  2. Take Database Backup locally and download them in just one click. 


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